Thesaurus Support and XSLT

Jun 11, 2008 at 6:32 PM
Nice web parts; installed without a problem. A couple quick questions: 1.) the results do not return thesaurus results (i.e. results generated because of a match in the thesaurus file) any plans to support these? 2.) I copied the xslt from the core results web part and pasted it in the xsl parameter for the results, but the display didn't change - am I doing something wrong? 3.) this is just picking, but deploying the web parts so they appear in the search category and naming the webparts as 'Wildcard Search Box' or something similar would be a nice polish (I know this is a 'kick the tires' version, just mentioning in case it wasn't on the radar)

Thanks for all the work put into this.

Oh, one last one. I just installed the Faceted Search web part ( which allows for some useful search refinements, but it doesn't talk to the wildcard search - might there be an easy way to do this?